Trail in a Box

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The Kansas Trails Council has a nifty program they call “Trail in a Box“, which provides trail groups will many of the tools and equipment they need to build trail. “Just Add Volunteers” is the tagline.

The KTC has outfitted a number of these kits — a trailer filled with goodies — and offers them to their member affiliates to use in their trail-building efforts.

Mike Goodwin with the KTC delivered Thrive’s trailer last weekend, and demonstrated how to use the hand tools and power tools.

Trail in a Box

Trail in a Box

Trail in a Box

Here are the contents of the Trail in a Box, including a power mower, chainsaw, leaf blower, weed eater, Pulaski’s, Macleod’s, loppers, hand saws, and so on, plus safety equipment such as ear and eye protection.

KTC's Mike Goodwin

KTC’s Mike Goodwin discusses the various tools.

DR Brush Mower Demo

KTC’s Mike Goodwin demonstrated operation of the DR Brush Mower to Thrive’s David Toland.

Kansas Trails Council Logo

Thanks to the Kansas Trails Council for lending us their Trail in a Box kit!