Lehigh Portland Trails Eastern Trailhead

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There will eventually be at least two trailheads for the Lehigh Portland Trails, one located at the western end of the trail (approximately Washington Avenue and Elm Creek), and one towards the eastern end, at 1600th Street and Nebraska Road.

Currently, only the Eastern Trailhead is marked, and that only with temporary signage:

Lehigh Portland Trails Eastern Trailhead 2015

Vehicle parking is available along 1600th and along Nebraska Road. Please be respectful of the neighbors, and do not block the roadways, litter, or make excessive noise. Also, please do not block the entrance gate itself, as maintenance or emergency vehicles may need access.

Eventually, there will be a gravel parking lot adjacent to the trailhead, along with proper signage and an information kiosk.

Here’s a map of the location (37.907606,-95.390773):

Lehigh Portland Trails Eastern Trailhead Map 2015

The Eastern Trailhead is marked at the intersection of 1600th Street and Nebraska Road. The approximate extents of the property are highlighted in green. Trails within the site are primarily on the eastern side of the property, and are either unsigned or marked with temporary signage.

We highly recommend that first-time visitors get an orientation tour from a volunteer. There is minimal trail signage, so it’s easy to miss a trail, or to get disoriented, so having someone to show you the trails the first time is a great help! To arrange a tour, contact Thrive Allen County at 620-365-8128 or damaris.kunkler@thriveallencounty.org.

Note that the trails are not yet officially open, but are free to use by the public after receiving an orientation tour. Visitors are also invited to join the Weekly Trail Ride, which departs from the Eastern Trailhead each Wednesday evening at 6:00pm for an easy-paced, beginner-friendly ride on the Lehgih Portland Trails singletrack.