Workday: BMX Quarry

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One of the amenities required for the Lehigh Portland Trails grant is a “BMX Area”. We have a location identified — a small quarry located just east of the East Trailhead, along Nebraska Road. This is an oval-shaped area about 150 feet wide and a bit more long, with 6-8 foot rock walls on three sides, and a mostly-flat interior. The quarry was not used as part of the Lehigh Portland Cement Plant, but was a source of limestone for local houses and rock fences. Today, after decades of neglect, the quarry walls are hidden by trees and brush, most of which will need to be cleared.

We’re planning to work on Saturday morning, September 5, from about 8am to noon, to begin clearing brush from this area, and can use all the help we can get. If you’re free Saturday morning, come join in on the fun!

Bring water, snacks, insect repellent, gloves, and eye protection. we’ll have tools (loppers and hand saws) on site, but feel free to bring your own tools if you prefer. Pants and long sleeves recommended.


(Note: This photo of kids riding a dirt jump track in Vancouver, BC, is courtesy of The Lehigh BMX area has not yet been designed, but will likely include a variety of dirt ramps,rollers, berms, and jumps for kids (and adults) to work on their bike-handling skills.)