Please Do Not Modify Trails – Improve Your Skills!

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We’ve had some recent instances of unauthorized singletrack trail modifications at Lehigh Portland Trails — people removing logs, moving rocks, knocking down trees, adding shortcuts. This is unacceptable behavior, and needs to stop. We realize that the people doing these trail modifications may think they’re being helpful, but changing the trails without permission of the trail stewards is considered vandalism.
Every log and every rock is there for a reason, and every bit of the finished trails are completely rideable as-is. If you find particular sections scary, or even “impossible”, there’s no shame in walking them or putting a foot down. Over time, if you give those scary sections a try, you’ll usually find that you can handle them after all , and that first time you clear a tough feature feels incredible! As your mountain biking skills improve, you’ll even find yourself looking forward to those challenging bits, and if someone then makes the trail easier by removing obstacles, it’s huge letdown.
The trails have been designed so that they’re enjoyable by everyone from beginners to more advanced riders. Learning to conquer the difficult sections (and your own fears) is a huge part of what makes mountain biking fun!
Please do not alter the trails without permission. If there’s something you truly think is dangerous, please contact Thrive Allen County.
Sign: Do Not Modify Trails
(Note: This sign is not from Lehigh Portland Trails. This is an example of a sign posted at another trail system. The gist of it is this: Do not modify the trails; improve your skills!)