November 15th Workday Report

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Despite brisk temperatures and the threat of snow, a solid group of volunteers turned up for the Lehigh Portland Trails workday on November 15th. With multiple chainsaws buzzing, a good deal of work was accomplished, and there is now approximately a third of a mile cleared of underbrush and trees. The growth is thick, but we’re making steady progress.

Here are some photos from the workday:








Reporter Rick Danley of the Iola Register was on hand, and filed this story for the local paper: Clearing proceeds for Lehigh trail:

One affirmation of the value Iola places in its burgeoning network of trails can be found in the handful of volunteers who turned up last Saturday in below-freezing temperatures to continue work on the area’s newest project.

Reflecting on the trails laid down in the community so far — Prairie Spirit, Southwind — and on the progress of the Lehigh trail to date, and on the Missouri Pacific Trail, which will cut across Iola from east to west come spring, Toland is clear: “There is no community in Kansas that is as aggressive on trails as Iola. When this is all done, our trail network will be second to none in the state.”

The group continues to request volunteers and will be at work again next Saturday, beginning at 9 am.

After turning out to be a non-issue on Saturday, the snow finally arrived on Sunday, dropping several inches on the area. Despite the conditions, volunteers again turned out, and enjoyed the beauty of the winter landscape: