Merry Christmas! Enjoy Some New Trail

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Just in time for Christmas, we’ve opened Cave Trail North, which adds about 1.2 miles of new trail to the system. The new singletrack is located north of the existing Cave Trail South surrounding John Brown’s Cave.

Highlights of the new trail include a segment along Elm Creek, segments along the bottom and top of a rocky bluff, and trail winding through cedar trees, hardwood, and the remnants of an old farm house foundation, and within sight of century-old stone walls.

This new trail features some challenging terrain that puts a premium on balance, momentum, bike control, and pedal placement. If you’re running or walking, watch your step!

The map below shows the new trail in yellow. It connects to the older singletrack in two places, and may be traversed in either direction, each offering different challenges.

Also note that there is a new parking pulloff along 1650th Street (denoted with a “P” on the map) with room for two or three vehicles. This small parking area is intended for people who want to walk or run the cave trails; if you’re riding a bike, please park at the Eastern Trailhead where there is more room for loading and unloading.

With the addition of Cave Trail North, Lehigh Portland Trails now offers over 9 miles of singletrack, along with 2.25 miles of wide gravel trails.