Lehigh Portland Trails No Longer Closed

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The trail closure has been lifted!

The first phase of limestone screenings were installed on April 25th and 26th, requiring the temporary closure of the Lehigh Portland Trails both for the safety of trail users, and for the integrity of the trail surface.

Immediately after the screenings were put down, Iola was hit with a storm that dumped over 4 inches of rain in just a few hours. Rainfall is useful to help settle the screenings, but this was too much water, much too quickly. The new surface held up remarkably well, for the most part, but the water still did significant damage:

Lehigh Water Damage 2016-04

Lehigh Water Damage 2016-04

The trails are not “officially” open (that won’t happen until the Grand Opening on June 25th), but we’re rescinding the temporary closure, so people are once again free to walk or ride the trails.


Be watchful for washouts. The washouts on the main trail have not yet been repaired. Please be very careful, and keep your speed down. Remember: You’re using the trail at your own risk.

Be watchful for construction equipment. There will be volunteers on-site repairing the damage as quickly as possible. Please give any equipment a wide berth, and avoid getting too close (unless you want to help, in which case approach cautiously and ask what you can do to assist).

Stay off the main trail on the west side; it is still closed. New screenings on the western-most section of the main trail were installed just yesterday. These new screenings are extremely vulnerable to damage, so please avoid walking or (especially!) riding on this new surface. Our dedicated volunteers have enough to do without having to perform additional repairs. We know you want to see it it all, but please give the new surface a week or so to firm up.

Lehigh West Closed

Some of the singletrack is impassable. Portions of the Creekside Trail (along Elm Creek) were covered by flood waters, which deposited deadfall and debris onto the trail, as well as leaving the trail covered by slimy mud, some of which has not yet dried. Volunteers will be working to clear the debris, so hopefully the portions of this trail that were flooded will be rideable/walkable by this weekend. The rest of the singletrack trail network is open, but watch out for wet spots.


Ready to ride!