Lehigh Portland Trails is the Top-Rated Mountain Bike Trail in Kansas

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The Singletracks.com web site provides a comprehensive directory of mountain bike trails throughout the world, with user reviews, photos, maps, and much more in-depth information about thousands of trails. They recently added a listing for the Lehigh Portland Trails, and user “Schmo” provided the following review:

Review: This is a fun trail. It’s still a bit raw and no directional markers YET! I had a blast exploring this new trail. The singletrack is tight and windy, then opens up a bit along the Elm Creek. Some light technical challenges through this part. Finding the trails was a little difficult. You just have to really look. The trail that takes you along the bluff tops of the Quarry lake is my favorite. The rocky terrain gives you the aggressive kick in the pants I was hoping for. This summer the trail will be 100% complete and I say “You got to check it out for yourself”.

Thanks you, Schmo, for the kind words, and for taking the time to submit the review and an outstanding collection of trail photos.

View Lehigh Portland Trails at Singletracks.com.

Of special interest is that, with that single 5-star review, the Lehigh Portland Trails have become the top-rated trail system in Kansas:

Singletracks Kansas 2016-01

Of course, once more riders experience the trails, and take the time to post their thoughts, that rating will naturally come down, because you can’t please everyone, especially the wide spectrum of mountain bikers, many of who have very specific interests and expectations.

So we know that 5-star rating will fall over time, but we’re going to enjoy our time as the Best Mountain Bike Trail In Kansas, however brief that time may be!

If you’re a member of Singletracks.com, please submit a review. We do appreciate your input. Of course, if you have specific comments that you’d like to keep private, feel free to contact us directly.