Big Work Party at the Lehigh Portland Trails

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Last weekend the Red Devils Baseball team from Allen Community College joined the regular cadre of volunteers on the Lehigh Portland Trails for a big work day effort.

In all, we had well over 40 volunteers felling trees, cutting vines, dragging brush, and burning piles. We got a lot done!

Here are some photos:

Lehigh-2016-02-06-Workday-1 Lehigh-2016-02-06-Workday-2 Lehigh-2016-02-06-Workday-3 Lehigh-2016-02-06-Workday-4

Thank you, everyone who came out and helped. We’re getting very close now to finishing clearing the entirety of the main wide trail. Hopefully, if the trails can dry up enough to get trucks and equipment in, we’ll be able to start laying rock and getting a durable surface on the trail. Progress!