Cave Trail North is located east of 1650th Street (a paved county road). It is located to the north of Cave Trail South, and can be entered from either the west or east.

The Cave trail system, consisting of a south loop and a north loop, explores the land surrounding John Brown’s Cave. The land was once home to farmsteads, and you can still see the remnants of that in the stone walls, the rubble of buildings foundations, and old fencelines.

The terrain is mostly flat, with a bit of elevation change as the trail approaches Elm Creek, with exposed rocks and small bluffs. The trail winds through the terrain, following the lay of the land and the old fencelines.

Highlights of Cave Trail North include Elm Creek, some large rocks along the bluffs, an old cellar, the ruins of a building, and a stone fence. The route runs through hardwood and cedar trees.

Surface: Natural
Length: About 1.2 miles
Difficulty: There are some challenging rocky areas along this trail, which require solid bike-handling skills if you’re riding, or careful footwork if you’re running.