The Lehigh Portland Trails are located on the south side of Elm Creek in Iola, Kansas, on the former property of the Lehigh Portland Cement Company, which closed in 1970. The property extents are bounded by Elm Creek to the north, the quarry lake and Montana Road to the south, 1650 Road to the east, and Washington Avenue to the west.

There are two main trailheads.

Eastern Trailhead

The eastern trailhead is located at 1600th and Nebraska Road. GPS location: 37.907606,-95.390773. More details: Lehigh Portland Trails Eastern Trailhead

Directions: From downtown Iola, take US-54 east to Kentucky Street, Kentucky Street south to Nevada Road, Nevada Road east to 1700th Street, 1700th Street south to Nebraska Road, and Nebraska Road west to 1600th Street. A gravel parking lot is located at the southwest corner of 1600th and Nebraska. Please do not block trails with your vehicle. If the parking lot is full, you may park along the roadway, but please do not block access to nearby homes, and be aware of traffic. Regardless of whether you park in the parking lot or along the roadway, please respect neighbors by keeping the noise to a minimum, and by not littering.

An additional parking lot will be located about an eighth of a mile east of 1600th and Nebraska, on the south side of Nebraska Road; this parking lot will service the planned BMX Skills Area. This parking lot is still under construction.

Western Trailhead

The western trailhead is located at Washington Avenue, adjacent to Elm Creek Park South and the planned Washington Avenue Bike/Ped bridge over Elm Creek. GPS location: 37.910114,-95.405564

Directions: From downtown Iola, take US-54 west to State Street, take State Street south to Bassett Street, take Bassett Street east, where it becomes Washington Avenue, which leads you north to Elm Creek and Elm Creek Park South (an Iola City Park). There is parking available along Washington Avenue, with a trailhead on the southeast corner of Washington Avenue and Elm Creek, with the Lehigh Portland Trails leading east, and a Connector Trail heading west to meet the Southwind Rail Trail.

Trail Maps

Maps for the Lehigh Portland Trails are available here.



Updated: 2016-06-22